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Technology of polishing the car paint and varnish

Polishing the car body is not only giving the car the appearance of a new car, but also eliminating small damages, scratches, removing the smallest uneven paintwork and protecting the car's surface from external factors.

Polishing of scratches

With the help of polishing, shallow scratches are eliminated, sometimes varnished, lacquered, if the defects are shallow and have not reached the ground. We know how to qualitatively prepare the body for polishing, and also how to make the damage literally invisible. Our technology allows to remove defects, without damaging the factory varnish, and ensures maximum preservation of the varnish in the polishing place.

Polishing plastic parts and car headlights

Polishing of plastic coated with varnish is used to remove small external defects. The technology of surface processing depends on the type of plastic, as well as the type and severity of the damage. Some plastic surfaces cannot be restored with simple polishing. The instrument panel and other structural plastic parts, whether black or unpainted, are not subject to polishing.
Polishing the car's headlights is carried out to remove the yellowed (from the sun and rain) surface layer. The yellowed layer adversely affects the light output of the headlights, which has a direct impact on traffic safety. Therefore, the headlamps should be polished periodically.

There are several formulations that are used for the procedure presented: