Dent Repair Polishing Window Tinting Auto Vinyl Technology Training

Welcome to our website !

Our car service has been working since 2012.
To provide the relevant services we have a certificate issued by the Moscow Automotive Technology Center.
For the last years we have more than hundred successful works on car bodies repair by a method "Paintless Dent Repair" - PDR.
    We provide the following services in a car repair and auto-tuning:
  • Removing dents on the car body without damaging the paint coating;
  • Polishing car body using advanced German technologies;
  • Protection of paint and varnish coating of a car using nanotechnology;
  • Headlight polishing;
  • Toning and increasing the shock resistance of headlights;
  • Window tinting;
  • Removing car window tint;
  • Auto Vinyl Solutions
  • PDR Training courses

  • Our aim is to gain customer satisfaction and trust by providing high level service in record time and at a reasonable cost, using the latest technologies.