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Auto vinyl - full or partial pasting of cars

Sooner or later, each car owner is faced with the fact that his car no longer brings the joy that was at the beginning of his acquisition. To re-freshen the past sensations, it is enough just to change the appearance of the car with the help of the auto vinyl. And the degree of its transformation depends only on imagination. Therefore, it is not surprising that such a trend as auto-styling is gaining popularity today.
One of the most popular and demanded areas of modern auto-styling is the artistic pasting of car with film.


Auto vinyl - this is one of the options for styling the car, which involves the use of films of various types and shapes on the car body. Using this method, almost any part of the car can be pasted.
Taping a car with a vinyl film really gives a lot of options for creativity. And all this is due to the fact that vinyl today can boast of a variety of colors, textures, shapes. The choice is really very big - the films are glossy, matte, carbon, etc. You can turn on your fantasy and with the help of auto vinyl perform really amazing things. So, you can, for example, tighten the entire machine with a plain film, or you can simply stick one - a single sticker on the hood, but with a very bright and unusual image. In addition, auto vinyl often is used to paste advertising material on the car.
Film manufacturers constantly develop new materials that differ in color, texture, effects, reflecting properties. In this regard, to choose the suitable material from the extensive list of products offered is not difficult. And this is really a positive moment, because in addition to the huge choice of vinyl makes your car individual and unique, which for a long time brings you a sincere joy.


Due to auto vinyl, any car can be transformed to the owner’s dreamed car in a short time. This can be as a complete change in the color of the body (complete car gluing), as well as the addition of original elements (partial pasting) on any part of the car.


Body protection - the car's surface is protected from any negative influence of the environment.


Our specialist has a great experience in the dismantling of films using a special technology, using professional tools and chemistry.
If you want to remove the film yourself, you can contact our company PDR Armenia for advice.